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If some of the other meal delivery options seem like they take too long to prepare or include overly complicated recipes, Home Chef is your answer for simple, delicious home cooked meals in only 30 minutes. Using simplicity as their mantra, they prove that home-cooked food can be tasty even if the kitchen isn't usually your strong point. Home Chef also offers plenty of options including dinner, breakfast, smoothies and fruit baskets.


  • Meals in only 30 minutes or less
  • Servings start at just $7.99
  • 26 choices to choose from weekly
  • Rated with one of the highest user experiences


  • Delivery is not free unless orders are $45 or more
  • Limited diet plans for anyone with special keto, low-carb, or other requests

Complete Review of Home Chef

Home Chef has one of the best user experiences and plenty of options for ordering your meals. You can choose to have anywhere from 2 to 6 meals delivered to your doorstep, and each one can feed 2, 4 or 6 people. This is definitely the widest range of serving sizes we've encountered, and a great choice for bigger families. You can even choose which day of the week you want your food delivered. Most dinners start at $7.99 per serving (unless otherwise noted), which is on the lower end of costs for meal delivery services.

Right now, you can save $30 on your first delivery with voucher code CHEFS30!

It's super easy to customize your meals by indicating dietary preferences like types of protein, foods you'd rather avoid, and special diets like low-carb, gluten-free or low-calorie. They include allergen categories like nuts, dairy, soy and shellfish so you can be sure you don't end up with ingredients you can't use.

Every week you are provided with up to 26 weekly dinner options, one breakfast item, and a smoothie choice. Home Chef offers plenty of classic recipes that include staples like steak and potatoes, burrito bowls, and southern-style pork chops, as well as a few curve balls for the more adventurous types.

Before you select your meals, you can click on the pictures to see nutrition facts, cooking difficulty ratings (1 to 3 spoons), spice levels and total prep and cook time. We love that everything is laid out for you so you can make an informed decision about your meals!

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Choose just the right cooking level for each meal so you can get the perfect kitchen experience. Feel tired and want an easy meal? Go for a simpler choice. Feeling like the next Guy Fieri? Jump in on that 3-spoon choice and feel like a true blue chef in your own kitchen.

Top-Rated in Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the huge variety in servings, variety for each week, and delicious meals, Home Chef has been reviewed as having a high user experience. Real reviewers are ecstatic about having so many options to choose from, as well as knowing that Home Chef is flexible, responsive, and ready to serve. They’ve listened to their users, and with a staff of over 1,000 throughout the U.S., they have the resources to focus on improving, growing, and always staying up to date with new recipes.

Home Chef Special Diets

While Home Chef does not offer specific diet plans that cater to largely used diet trends, they do offer such a large variety of options that it is easy for shoppers to find a meal that suits their tastes. For example, vegetarians always have an option on the menu to choose from.

Their recipes are categorized according to allergens, meat vs. vegetarian, etc. You can single out your favorite seafood recipes, find recipes without soy, and more. Along with this, as you order your Home Chef meals, you can choose which ingredients you do and do not prefer.

This service is optional, but it gives the Home Chef team a picture of which ingredients to include, or not include, in your weekly box. This way, you can avoid waste and find recommendations on which meals might closely align with your preferences.

Plus, with the “My Cookbook” resource on the Home Chef website, you can add and subtract filters to find the exact type of meal you’re in the mood for. There really is nothing simpler.

Home Chef Cost

Home Chef sits on the lower end of cost per serving, and they work hard to continually give you the variety of a full restaurant menu every week. They offer a student discount for first-time student chefs, and they provide gift cards and $30 credit with participation. With all of these perks, as well as the high-quality of meals you receive, Home Chef sits at a price point that yields high value.

Compare Home Chef to Top Meal Delivery Competitors

With its mission to bring simplicity to the dinner table, Home Chef easily makes the cut as a top meal delivery service in our eyes. Customers have all the control over which meals they want to make, and with an approach that is tuned in to each order, Home Chef has made home chefs the priority.

Home Chef vs. HelloFresh:

In one noticeable difference, Home Chef allows each chef to choose the level of difficulty they prefer for each meal. HelloFresh can sometimes send over meals that take over 30 minutes to make, whereas Home Chef customers can request more simple or more difficult recipes.

Home Chef vs. EveryPlate:

EveryPlate wins out in affordability when compared to Home Chef, but Home Chef provides a much larger variety in terms of recipe categories and menu options. EveryPlate is committed to simple recipes that are perfect for busy professionals and students to have a meal in little to no time. Home Chef, however, gives users the option to flex their culinary muscles when wanted.

Home Chef vs. Green Chef:

Home Chef offers up to 6 servings per meal, which is more than Green Chef is able to offer at this point. Green Chef emphasizes their sourced ingredients and healthy options a bit more than Home Chef, and they do have options that cater to Paleo options. On the price spectrum, Home Chef sits at a little less per serving, helping with the affordability factor.

Home Chef Alternatives

Home Chef offers several resources to help you get started on your cooking journey, and with their flexible subscription and cancellation policies, it’s easy to try them out and see how Home Chef works with your schedule. With their pre-portioned meals that are ready in under 30 minutes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a higher quality alternative that isn’t listed in our top picks.

Home Chef Buyer’s Guide

Home Chef definitely helps you save time by offering meals that don't take very long to prepare and use cooking techniques that most people won't have a problem understanding or mastering. Prices are reasonable, recipes are flavorful, and you can customize, rearrange or cancel your subscription at any time without a penalty. They even have a kitchen marketplace if you need to upgrade your cooking pans or mixing bowls.

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