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Stay Balanced, Live Healthy

Balance by BistroMD, makes eating healthy both simple and delicious. No complicated meal plans or entrees you don't care for. Just pick the meals you want, checkout, and you're done! They're powered by the same, science-backed nutrition as BistroMD, but there are no minimum orders or required number of entrees to select. You choose as many or as few meals as you'd like, and that's it.

All About Balance by BistroMD

Unlike frozen meals you find at the grocery store, Balance by BistroMD meals are designed by a physician specializing in weight loss along with a team of Registered Dietitians. That means you get meals packed full of good, nutritious ingredients, without all of the extra sodium and fat that many frozen entrees contain. Most meals have fewer than 400 calories per serving, and 40-50% of the calories come from lean protein that helps you feel fuller longer.

If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, Balance by BistroMD has you covered. You can view all of the ingredients in each meal before you place your order, and they have a wide variety of specialized diet plans including dairy-free, diabetic, gluten-free and low-sodium, just to name a few. It's easy to filter your choices to accommodate your dietary restrictions, so you only choose from meals you know you can eat.

They also list the prices right on the meal page, so you know exactly what you're going to pay. Meals range from $5.95 - $11.95, and you can get free shipping if you order $99 or more. You can find the best deals by checking out their Weekly Specials page. This features a rotating selection of member favorites offered at a temporary discount -- typically $2 off the regular price. If you give them your email address, you get an additional 15% off.

Why Customers Choose Balance by BistroMD

We love the science-based nutrition that goes into every meal at Balance by BistroMD. You're not getting gimmicks or fad diets here; you're getting healthy meals built from scratch and delivered straight to your door. They arrive frozen, so it's easy to heat a meal up for dinner the night they arrive, or stick your meals in the freezer for lunch the next day or anytime you just don't feel like cooking. Combine that will their reasonable prices and simple shopping model, and it's a recipe for success!

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