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Shop for a Cause

Graphic t-shirts with a twist are coming your way at, where you can support your favorite causes and charities and help organizations reach their funding goals by purchasing groovy shirts. Customers can shop for shirts according to what type of cause they want to support, browse shirts for specific charities, or shop according to what is guaranteed to print and ship. Most t-shirts are between $20-$27, so anyway you slice it, you're getting a great deal and supporting a great cause all at once.

All About Ink to the People

Ink to the People is on a mission to give charity a wardrobe change. Instead of printing t-shirts for charity that wind up in the back of your closet or become your next "painting project" shirt, they decided to team up with designers and artists so charities can sell awesome shirts that people actually want to wear. Well, their idea seems to be working because they have helped to raise over $2 million dollars for charitable causes to date!

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Why Customers Choose Ink to the People

Customers like knowing that their hard earned money is going to support more than just lining a CEO's pockets. Ink to the People offers awesome t-shirt, tank top and sweatshirt designs at great prices, and every customer gets to help support a worthy cause. Plus, shipping starts at only $3.95, and shirts ship within 7 days of when a campaign ends.

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