Unboxing White Sapphire and Black Diamond Rings from Jeulia

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2016

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It's time to expand our jewelry collection here at HighlightReviews.com. We've got three gorgeous new rings to show you from Jeulia.com. Two of them are White Sapphire rings, and the third is a very groovy Black Diamond ring with a skull design.

As our readers will know from our last Jeulia unboxing article, the packaging is nothing short of classy. Rings are delivered in an elegant, compact, and secure black box. Our three ring boxes were securely fastened to the upper side with use of packaging foam. The packaging also includes a gift bag, a greeting card, and a polishing cloth.

The Emerald Cut Created White Sapphire Rhodium Plated Women's Ring (SKU: Pre-RQG520-5) is larger than a traditional engagement ring, something for the woman who likes show off her new rock to all of those around her. It is beautifully accented with floral designs on both exterior sides, and a row of five individual diamonds to each side of the emerald cut sapphire, a 3.0 carat stone. The ring is rhodium plated for enhanced durability - a key component, since any woman presented with this ring will never want to take it off. Based on its fit at a size 7, it is likely to need to come off during any yard work or more rigorous housework tasks, because the extensive detail along the top and sides leaves this piece susceptible to needing regular cleaning.

The Exquisite 1.0 carat Princess Cut Created White Sapphire Women's Ring (SKU: RQT506-1) is a timeless set. It is comprised of a simple band accompanied by a ring with a princess cut sapphire. The large center sapphire is adorned by six small diamonds on either side, a smaller version of which is mirrored on the band. This set lends itself well to women who are more inclined to classic gestures of romanticism, and the sapphire itself is subtle enough that it lends itself to daily use.

The Princess Cut Black Diamond Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Four-Skull Design Skull Ring (SKU: RRG1030-85#) deserves a close-up look. What appears from a distance to be a band inspired by gnarled tree roots - in and of itself a cool look - is actually a careful combination of skulls and bones. A half circle support a bone on each side, with two skulls. This is the frame on which the center black diamond rests, set in a circle of eight black skulls with small, bright, stones on their foreheads. I know a roller derby player or two who would get excited about a ring like this, not to mention anyone who leans away from mainstream signs of love and is looking for something a little darker and more unique.

The ring was a size 7 and fit perfectly.

The ring is definitely larger than what I normally would wear. I will most likely use it to accessorize black formal wear, since it is subtle from a distance but a create conversation piece up close.

We were so excited with this particular ring that we decided to give you a second look through video, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel! All in all we're thrilled with the addition of these new rings to our jewelry collection. They're each appropriate for different occasions, and accompanying accessories can be varied. Our new favorite is easily the black diamond ring with the skull design. Jeulia has several different stones, sizes, and cuts featuring skull designs, and we're excited to see more from this new line.

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