Ink to the People Order & Delivery Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2015

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Shopping Experience:

Ink to the People isn't your usual graphic t-shirt retailer. Their site allows you to purchase shirts that directly support specific causes or organizations. It also gives you the option to design and create your own shirt fundraisers quickly and easily. Similar to Kickstarter, if a design reaches its order minimum by the set goal date, it goes to print and the purchased items are shipped to the buyers. We're shopping for a shirt today, so we'll focus on making a purchase.

Navigating the website is pretty straightforward. Simply click the "Shop" tab at the top or one of the "Shop Now" buttons, and you are taken to a list of all of the available designs. You can either scroll down this page to browse through all of the available shirt designs & charities, or you can use the options on the left sidebar to narrow down your choices by category, charity name, or filter. I do think it would be helpful if there was also the option to search by shirt size/type as well.

While browsing, you can hover over each design and a handy pop-up will appear. The pop-up provides a little blurb about the charity or fundraiser, a "quick view" of related campaigns, and the option to add the item to your shopping cart. There are also small banner graphics that tell you if a campaign is currently printing, if it's a verified charity and if it's a featured charity (which are shipped every week). These are nice time savers if you're browsing all of the available designs.

When you click on a shirt, you're taken to its detail page. On the detail page, you can read the full story about the charity, get shirt size & specs, view the goal progress of the campaign, view the other shirt styles available, and add the item to your shopping cart. The goal progress bar lets you know how much money has been raised and what the goal amount is. You can also see how much time is left to buy a particular design before the campaign closes. I really like the fact that the site offers such detailed size & specifications for its shirts. You know exactly what brand of shirt you're getting, what it's made out of, and the exact measurements.

Purchase & Checkout:

Once you find the design you like, simply select your size (2XL has a $1.50 upcharge) and add to cart. Keep two things in mind when making your purchase. First, most designs require a minimum number of orders before they're printed. Which means that there is a chance the shirt you purchase may not be produced. Don't worry though, if you buy a shirt and it doesn't reach its minimum to print, your order is cancelled and you're refunded. Second, you'll also want to check the approximate delivery time. Depending on the time frame of the campaign, it may be more than a month before your shirt is delivered. The shirt I chose had already reached its goal and was guaranteed to print. This item was set to deliver within 2 weeks of purchase.

After adding items to your shopping cart, you can enter any special instructions in the provided box. Also, make sure to fill in the "discount code" box with any coupons you may have. I always check for coupon codes and shipping discounts before I make an online purchase. If everything looks good, click on "checkout" and complete the 4 easy steps.

1. Fill in your Billing Address and click Save.

2. Fill in the Shipping Address (or check the handy box, if it's the same as your Billing Address).

3. Verify your Order Items.

4. Add your Payment information (credit card or Paypal).

Once your order is complete, you are taken to the Ink To The People order confirmation screen. You can print this page for your records, and you've also conveniently been emailed a receipt containing the full details of your order. My receipt was in my inbox just as soon as I clicked to confirm my order. Now the waiting begins!

Delivery & Unboxing:

The delivery estimate given at the time of order was within 2 week of purchase. Five days after placing the order, an email from Ink To The People arrived with a USPS tracking number. Four days later, and within the estimated delivery window, the package arrived. The order arrived in a plastic, Ink to the People shipping envelope. It was easy to open and contained the folded shirt and my order receipt.

The design, color, and size of the shirt I received were all accurately depicted on the website. The only thing I noticed that I didn't see mentioned on the website, was the addition of an Ink to the People tag on the bottom hem of the shirt. This doesn't bother me in the least, but I did notice it. Both the shirt and the imprint seem to be of good quality and I can't wait to wear it.

Final Score:

Overall, Ink to the People earns a strong 4 stars. The shopping experience was fairly simple, purchasing and checkout were streamlined, delivery was within the estimated time given, and the final product was what I expected. I would definitely shop at Ink to the People again in the future. It's nice to be able to support an organization of your choosing while also getting a new shirt. Plus you're getting a shirt with an interesting back story - that's not something you can usually say about your average graphic tees.

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