Cocoon by Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing and Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Monday, August 07, 2017

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Do you want to sleep better? Think it’s time to replace your old mattress? Are you considering ordering a memory foam mattress online? Look no further:

Sealy mattress sent me a queen-sized Cocoon Chill Mattress to review, and I absolutely love it!

Read my complete review – or jump straight to the mattress review below.

My Backstory

I’ve never owned a memory foam mattress. I’ve always gone to a store, laid down on as many beds as possible, and haggled with a sales rep to find one in my budget.

I would end up with some overpriced, pillow-top mattress that quickly broke down and needed to be flipped every few months. Still, I convinced myself time-and-time again that was the best way to buy a mattress.

I was very suspicious of purchasing a new mattress online and sight-unseen – especially one that comes delivered via UPS rolled up in a box…

But, my new Cocoon by Sealy mattress has made me a believer.

About Sealy

Sealy, one of the most reputable mattress companies around, boasts to have “poured over 150 years of Sealy experience into your Cocoon bed.” That’s a lot of knowledge to sleep on!

Daniel Haynes founded the company in Sealy, Texas way back in 1881. Sealy has grown from a small-business making mattresses for family and friends into one of the largest manufacturers of mattress in the world.

They released the Cocoon by Sealy in March of 2016 to compete with Tuft & Needle, Casper, and other mattress-in-a-box providers.

Ordering a Cocoon by Sealy

The Cocoon website makes ordering and understanding your options easy. They provide helpful videos answering some of the most frequently asked questions as well reviews from other real customers.

Plus, they keep options to a minimum so you don’t get lost comparing different mattresses, which I appreciate.

Shop and choose between the Cocoon Classic Mattress and Cocoon Chill Mattress. Both come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes as well as soft and firm options.

These mattresses are constructed out of 10-inches of foam. The soft mattress features a 6-inch base of support form topped by 2-inch layers of softer poly and memory foam to provide a more cushioned experience. The firm mattress is constructed of 8-inches of support foam and just 2-inches of memory foam to balance comfort and pressure.

The Cocoon Chill sets itself apart from the Classic by providing a cover designed to absorb and store body heat. This phase changing material is designed to react to the sleeper’s body temperature and provide a more comfortable sleep.

I opted for the Chill because I tend to be warm in bed and wanted to see if the cooling technology really works (more on that to come in my review). The Queen size cost $949, or $79.09/month for 12 months.

You can get the Cocoon Classic in a Twin for as low as $399.

Unboxing my Cocoon Chill by Sealy

My Cocoon mattress arrived in a box that looked like it had seen better days. Check it out:

I had feared that it would be heavy and I’d be unable to move it. Apparently, memory foam has gotten much lighter over the past decade…

The box hand side handles making it easy to bring inside. I popped open the top, opened the modern and clear directions (bonus points for aesthetics in my book…), and slid the mattress out of the box.

The instructions say to unbox the mattress (check ✅), set it down on a sturdy foundation, unroll and unwrap the mattress, and wait for 30 minutes as the mattress expands.

Admittedly, the waiting 30 minutes was the most difficult part of the process. The Cocoon expands to nearly full-size in just 1-minute.

Cocoon Chill by Sealy Review

I ordered a queen-sized, firm, Cocoon Chill mattress.

I like a firm mattress and feared that I would sink too far into the memory foam, but this was not the case. I felt supported throughout my body and was able to lay comfortably in all positions.

What really surprised me was how still I felt on the mattress – even with someone else in the bed. I never really understood the purpose of those ads and review dropping a bowling ball on a mattress, but I get it now.

I flip and flop in bed at night, shaking the mattress, and sometimes come to bed later than my partner. And, every time she rolls over or our cat jumps on the bed, I feel it. The Coocoon mattress significantly reduced motion transfer and bounce.

Neither my partner nor I woke up during the night from the other changing positions or getting in and out of bed.

And, did the Chill live up to it’s name? The Cocoon Chill cover feels cool when you get into bed, but don’t expect it to last through the night. I found it to keep me cooler for up to 30 minutes before adjusting to my body temperature – just enough time to fall asleep.


The Cocoon by Sealy is a great option for anyone looking for a medium to firm memory foam mattress. These high-quality mattresses provide the comfort and stillness you expect from a memory foam mattress while delivering well-balanced support.

For an extra $150, I definitely recommend the Cocoon Chill if you tend to get warm while you sleep. This mattress helps keep you cool while providing the comfort and stability you hope for in a memory foam mattress.

On top of that, Sealy offers:

  • Free shipping
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100 night, zero risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee, trial period

Overall, this is a great mattress by one of the most trusted manufacturers. Why wait?

Order your Cocoon by Sealy today and enjoy a better night sleep!