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Folks have all kinds of opinions when it comes to Mac vs PC, but one thing everyone can agree on is that they are simply different. That's why Intego has focused on tailoring their software to meet the unique security needs of Mac users.

Many people believe that Apple products are not vulnerable to viruses and other cyber threats. Unfortunately, any device that accesses the internet can be vulnerable. Protect your Mac today with Intego's antivirus software for Mac, and you can work, socialize, and shop online worry-free.

For the most basic Mac protection, Intego's Mac Internet Security is a good choice. It provides all the basic protections your computer needs, including anti-phishing to keep your personal information safe, firewall network protection, and antivirus shield. Right now if you download Mac Internet Security you can get it for just $39.99 and save 20%!

If your children use Apple computers for school or just for fun, Intego's Content Barrier Secure can help you ensure that they stay safe online. The content blocker shields them from inappropriate web content, while the advanced chat monitoring protects them from online predators by blocking objectionable chat content. While you can purchase Content Barrier Secure separately, it makes more sense for families to just get the Mac Premium Bundle and all the extra features that come with it, including the Content Barrier options.

Intego's Mac Premium Bundle includes all the features of Internet Security and Content Barrier Secure, plus Mac Cleaner which cleans and speeds up your Mac and Personal Backup for your most important files. If you want complete coverage for all your Apple devices and worry-free internet use for the whole family, the Mac Premium Bundle is your best choice. If you buy it now, you'll save 20% and get the whole bundle for just $69.99!

Your Apple products are an investment; it makes sense to invest in keeping them virus-free and your personal information safe. With Intego, you can do just that. Plus, all of their software is available as a free trial version so you and try before you buy.

All About Intego Mac Security

Intego has been completely devoted to protecting Apple products since 1997. They are the only antivirus software company that focuses solely on Mac and other Apple products, including the iPad and iPhone. As cyber threats evolve, Intego continues testing and improving its software to make the internet a safer place for Apple product users.

Why Customers Choose Intego Mac Security

Mac users love that Intego's software is tailor-made specifically for Apple products. They can be sure that any vulnerability that's unique to Mac has been covered by Intego. The Content Barrier Secure is a great product for parents of children who use Apple products and worry about the dangers that await kids online. Families that use both Mac and Windows devices may at first be dismayed by Intego's selection, but Intego has actually teamed up with Panda Security to offer Windows coverage as well. And of course, the free trial is a customer favorite, because with the software it's always great to be able to try before you buy.

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