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You can dive right into building your own free website with No strings attached! Seriously, it's that easy to get started. They have thousands of design templates to choose from and an easy interface that lets you customize and add content to your website. As soon as you're happy with it, just pick a name and they will publish it for you -- all for free!

All About

You may think that since the service is free, may only provide a handful of templates or block your site after a few days if you don't pay. Not so! You can build and launch a fully functional website in just a few minutes without ever entering your credit card information. They launch your page as a sub-domain of their main site, so it's a great, no-hassle way to get online. So what's in it for They make money through strategic ad placements on your website so they can offer you their website services for free.

If you have bigger ambitions than their free website can handle, makes it easy to upgrade to your own domain to a Personal, Premium, Business or eCommerce Plan and add additional features to your website. For as little as $5.99/month for the initial term you can have your own domain, a mobile-optimized version of your site, a free email account and much more. All of their premium plans also come with a money back guarantee, so you can feel good knowing you get to test out their services before committing to a plan.

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Whether you're just launching your first blog or setting up an eCommerce storefront for your online business, has the tools to help you get started. They feature competitive pricing, intuitive user interfaces, and plenty of features to meet the needs of most customers. Also, some companies lure you in with deeply discounted rates that double or triple after the introductory period. lets you lock in your low rates for as long as two years, and even then you'll only pay slightly more to renew than you did when you signed up.

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