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XLned brings stable Usenet access to customers worldwide at some of the lowest prices around. They're one of the newer Usenet providers and got their start in 2007 as an affordable and reliable alternative to the existing set of European Usenet providers. XLned emphasizes a streamlined process and a wide variety of data plans to fit the different consumption needs of their Usenet customers. They don't boast the fastest or most robust Usenet access, but you can get started without spending a lot of money.

All About XLned

Customers can choose from 5 basic XLned plans depending on their desired connection speed and data usage limits. All plans give users access to over 900 days of retention and more than 120,000 newsgroups on Usenet. The XL Lite plan provides 2 connections, 24/7 access and 2.5 Mbit transfer speeds. Not to be confused with a MB (or Megabyte), a Mbit (or Megabit) is 1/8th of a MB. This introductory plan is €2,99 for a monthly plan, or € 2,21/month with an annual plan. You can double your speed to 5 Mbit with the XL Small plan, and the price goes up to €4,99 for a monthly plan or €3,69/month when you sign up for a year.

To increase your connections, you'll need to upgrade to a XL Basic plan or higher. Your speed once again doubles to 10 Mbit, and your connections also double from 2 to 4. This still isn't a lot considering many competitors offer 10, 20 or even 30 connections in their entry-level plans. However, you'll only pay €5,99 with month-to-month or €4,43/month for a one year plan. XLned's next tier up, XL Plus, offers a big jump for just a little bit more money. Everything once again doubles, so you now get access to 8 connections and data transfer speeds of 20 Mbit. The cost only goes up by €1 for the monthly plan and just €,74/month for the annual plan.

If you do any significant level of downloading or uploading on Usenet, you may want to consider the XLned XL Gold plan. You'll definitely notice a difference in wait times as you now get access to 120 Mbit transfer speeds and 12 simultaneous connections. This premier plan is €9.99 monthly or €7,39/month when you subscribe for a full year.

Why Customers Choose XLned

With XLned, you get secure SSL connections and anonymous Usenet browsing at affordable prices. They accept many payment options, including Bitcoin for added anonymity. They also offer a FAQ section and email support to help out with any customer service issues.
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