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Top 10 Usenet Providers 2019

Secure & Direct Usenet Access

Directly access Usenet from anywhere with almost any device with the Easynews browser. Save time and never combine multi-part messages or repair another file again. The Easynews interface has done it all for you so you just type, search and find! They also run and manage their own servers, so you aren't restricted by bandwidth limitations or other 3rd party ISP restrictions.

All About Easynews

Customers can find over 100,000 global newsgroups through Easynews, and Easynews boasts one of the best article retention periods with 2,782 days of archived material. You can also use the Easynews VPN software to browse Usenet securely, so you know your information stays private no matter where you're accessing the internet.

Easynews offers three tiers of plans for Usenet access to meet the needs of all their customers. The Classic Plan is $9.98/month and includes 20 GB of data transfers each month. Regardless of which plan you choose, your unused gigabytes roll over to the next month. You paid for them, and you get to keep them! You get access to 365 days of web retention for free, and additional days are available for a fee. Every plan includes full NNTP retention of 2,782 days. The Easynews Plus Plan doubles your data to 40 GB/month for just $14.97. The Plus Plan also boosts your web retention to 525 days, and you can bank up to 1,000 GB of rollover data -- twice as much as the Classic Plan.

Serious users will want to check out the Big Gig plan. It's $29.94/month, but includes lots of extra features like a secure VPN, full web retention, and unlimited NNTP access that all cost extra in the lower tier Easynews plans. You can enjoy 150 GB of data transfers each month, and anything you don't use is stored in your personal gig bank that can hold up to 3,750 GBs! It's definitely the best value if you are a heavy Usenet user.

Why Customers Choose Easynews

Easynet stands out from the pack with their easy-to-use search interface, in-house servers and routers and secure VPN software. Beyond that, you can test out any of their plans free for 14 days, and all plans come with reliable 24/7 customer support. They also reward customers with Loyalty Gigs every year they resubscribe. You can earn up to 12 Loyalty Gigs depending on your plan.