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If you're tired of constantly fighting dust, dirt, and pet hair, the iRobot Roomba 690 will come to your rescue. This top-of-the-line robot vacuum packs tons of features into a versatile product that will totally revolutionize the way you keep your house clean.

All About iRobot 690

As the highest performing robot vacuum on the market, the iRobot Roomba 690 has it all. It's wifi connected and compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and the iRobot app. This makes it easy to schedule when your Roomba cleans even if you're not at home. With home assistants like Alexa, you can even use voice commands to start, stop, and direct cleaning. Besides wifi, this vacuum's advanced home navigation capabilities make it extra smart. It intelligently navigates through your home and furniture to be sure not to miss any spots.

If you have a mix of carpeted areas and hard floors in your home, fear not! The iRobot can handle it all. The Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically readjusts height and position to clean carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and any other kind of flooring. The iRobot is the only leading vacuum brand that actually uses two main brushes to clean your floors, one to loosen dirt and the other to sweep it up.

The iRobot 690 is also equipped with a Dirt Detect sensor, which can sense dirtier areas of your floor in high-trafficked parts of your home, and will direct the vacuum to spend extra time cleaning these areas. That, plus the patented 3-stage cleaning system that picks up everything from dust to large debris, means that messes simply won't stand a chance in your home.

Having unveiled their first robot vacuum in 2002, iRobot continues to strive to create the very best and smartest robot cleaning vacuums on the market. They are not only committed to helping regular folks have cleaner homes, but to encouraging tech innovations in robotics and supporting the next generation of robotic scientists.

If the constant fight against grime has you exhausted and frustrated, why wait? Right now you can save $50 off the iRobot 690 and snag it for $324.99. Order one today and free yourself from the broom and dustpan forever!

Why Customers Choose iRobot 690

Customers love the versatility of the iRobot Roomba 690. The fact that it is equipped with special brushes to clean along walls, adjusts for carpets and hard floors, and even cleans under couches, beds, and other furniture has customers feeling that their homes have never been quite so clean. Buyers also like that it's easy to control it remotely via the iRobot app or a home assistant. This makes it convenient to clean during the day while everyone is out working, or other times when the iRobot won't get underfoot.

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