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Smart Cleaning for the Whole Home

The Evovacs N79 makes having a consistently sparkling clean home effortless. With wifi connectivity and app compatibility, you can schedule or start cleaning from anywhere with a tap of your finger. Equipped with smart sensors and a long battery life, you don't have to worry about a thing while your Evovac safely navigates and cleans your entire house.

All About Evovacs N79

It may be hard to keep up with the dirty laundry or the dishes, but at least now it's not hard to keep up with cleaning your floors – the Evovacs N79 has you covered on carpet and hard floors alike.

The Evovacs combines state of the art robotic technology with powerful cleaning capabilities to bring you a stress-free way to keep your house sparkling. This robot vacuum is equipped with a 3-tier cleaning system that combines a helix roll brush, side brushes, and a powerful direct suction vacuum to loosen and sweep up dirt and debris. The helix roll brush even cleans between the fibers of carpets, fighting against dirt buildup that can trigger allergies. The Evovacs also uses a high efficiency air filter that captures dust and other allergy inducing particles while cleaning.

Some less advanced robot vacuums have to be watched while they're running, lest they get stuck or tangle themselves in something. Not so with the Evovacs N79. Smart Sensor protection helps this robot vacuum navigate around rooms and furniture and avoid drops. Its low-profile design also allows it to clean under furniture and in hard to reach places. Several different specialty cleaning modes let you hone in on trouble areas.

With the Evovacs app, you can start cleaning from anywhere and just forget about it. The Evovacs N79 will clean while you're away and then recharge itself automatically. The app also lets you schedule regular cleanings and even alerts you when your battery is low or when it's time to change accessories.

The Evovacs N79 makes stressing about keeping a clean house a thing of the past. At just $229.98 with a one year warranty, there's no reason not to make the switch and leave the traditional vacuum behind.

Why Customers Choose Evovacs N79

Customers love the set-and-forget style of the Evovacs N79. All you have to do is schedule cleanings from the app, and let it do its thing. Some robot vacuums can be quite noisy, but customers who bought the Evovacs N79 like how quiet it is. The Evovacs N79 also packs an impressive amount of value into its low price, making it a top pick for budget conscious shoppers.

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