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Photo Books Made "EZ"

EZPrints simplifies your choices and offers a few great options for turning your photos into stunning keepsake photo books. Sometimes the number of photo book options can be overwhelming, so EZPrints keeps it, well...easy, and only prints high-quality, hard cover photo books. They offer free shipping on orders over $50, and more photo books are ready to ship in just 3 days! Standard shipping can take 7-10 days, but you can upgrade to expedited or even next business day shipping if you're really in a hurry.

All About ezprints.com

We think EZPrints is a great choice for individuals who want the lasting nostalgia of a photo book, but don't have hours to spend personalizing every page and rearranging hundreds of photos. Unlike other photo book sites that bombard you with sizes, cover options, and endless pieces of clip art to try to jazz up your pictures, EZPrints knows that sometimes less really is more.

Customers can choose from 3 different book sizes: square 8" x 8" or 12" x 12" books or an 8.75" x 11" book that's about the size of a sheet of printer paper. All books have hard covers and sewn binding to keep pages secure, and you can select either a full page glossy image for the cover or opt for a suede cover with a rectangular photo window in the middle.

Prices are on par with hard cover photo books on other sites and range fro $34.99 to $64.99 depending on size and other options. Standard photo books come with 20 pages included, and for an additional $0.99 per page, you can add up to $40 more for a total of 60.

Why Customers Choose ezprints.com

If you want to commemorate a special occasion like a first birthday or wedding day, EZPrints can help you create a stunning photo book in just minutes. They give you enough options so you have some flexibility with the design, but EZPrints keeps it simple so you don't have to fuss over every little detail.

You'll also be impressed with their helpful customer service team who is available via phone 6 days a week to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If you find that EZPrints made a mistake or you received a damaged product, they will replace your order at not cost to you. If you realize you misspelled a word or used a low resolution image, they'll share the cost with you for fixing your mistake.