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Online Lab Testing

Reliable, Private & Affordable Testing

Take charge of your health with over 350 blood tests to choose from at Personalabs. Get personalized health information on everything from allergies to hormones to health checkups and more. All tests are confidential, and you can access your results for most tests within 24-48 hours. Unlike most lab testing, you don't need a referral from a doctor to initiate any of the blood tests at PersonaLabs. By cutting out the (very pricey) middleman, you save big! Many of the tests at PersonaLabs cost less than $50.

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All About Personalabs

PersonaLabs gives every individual an opportunity to get involved in their own health care, without the high costs and long wait times associated with many doctors' offices and laboratories. Their philosophy is based on providing customers with the same confidential and reliable test results they would get by seeing a doctor, but without the red tape many health care patients have grown so accustomed to when they have to deal with medical and insurance companies.

Why Customers Choose Personalabs

Customers choose PersonaLabs for their accurate, fast, and confidential testing services. Plus, when is the last time you found a coupon for a visit to a doctor's office? PersonaLabs offers discounts typically ranging from 5-15% off a wide variety of popular test categories. Also, unlike a doctor's office where you have to squeeze into their schedule, with PersonaLabs you have the freedom to choose when and where you get tested. You can even choose same-day testing at many locations.