Five Four Club Review

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Men's Clothing Subscriptions

Effortless Style Delivered Monthly

Now you can dress like you have your own personal stylist, without having to pay for one. Five Four Club delivers personalized clothing to your doorstep to save you time and money. For only $60 a month, you get a package valued at $120 or more that is tailored to your personal taste and (of course) size. Whether you like to Dress to Impress, you keep it fun with Business Casual, or you're just more comfortable in a T-Shirt & Jeans, Five Four Club has clothing to cater to every style.

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All About Five Four Club

Five Four Club is an independent fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California. They create contemporary designs that are exclusive to members. They know that a lot of men either don't have time to shop, don't care to shop, or don't know what to buy. Five Four Club has solved this problem with an ingenious service that delivers great style directly to guys every month.

Why Customers Choose Five Four Club

Not only do customers get a great deal every month, they also get free shipping and free size exchanges! Plus, every package includes styling tips to take the guesswork out of putting together a flawless look.

We know some men don't like commitment, and at Five Four Club they don't pressure you with a long-term contract or hefty cancellation fee. If you want to skip a month or stop receiving packages altogether, just call their customer service team before your next shipment is sent out and they'll take care of it.