Bombfell Review

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Men's Clothing Subscriptions

Only Keep What You Love

Now you can enjoy the latest fashion trends without the hassle of going shopping. With Bombfell, you dictate what type of clothing you want and how often you want it sent, then a personal stylist picks out clothing from top name brands based on your personal taste and social media profile. Once the clothes arrive, you have 10 days to decide what you want to keep and simply return anything you don't like. If you miss this window, you may be stuck with a hefty bill, as they typically send a complete outfit worth around $500 or more with each shipment.

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All About Bombfell

Bombfell is based in the fashion mecca that is New York. It combines business experience, the latest technology, and stylists with a keen eye for fashion to deliver customers wardrobes tailored to their preferences and lifestyle.

Why Customers Choose Bombfell

Customers love getting all of the benefits of having a personal shopper without having to pay the big bucks for one. Shipping is free both ways, and it's easy to rush or delay a shipment to fit your schedule. The average price per item is around $80-$90, so this is definitely geared towards higher-end looks. However, you can let Bombfell know what price points you're comfortable with, and they'll do their best to send you items near your price range.