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Sun Basket Meal Delivery Review (2018)

Organic and Non-GMO Ingredients

Sun Basket delivers farm-fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients to your doorstep. Everything is pre-measured and ready for you to create quick, delicious meals that you feel good about serving. Sun Basket is one of the few meal delivery companies that is a certified organic handler and relies only on sustainably sourced seafood, meat and poultry from trusted famers, ranchers and fisherman. Sun Basket is a great solution for intentional shoppers who like to know where their food comes from but have limited time for recipe planning and meal prep.

All About Sun Basket

Sun Basket Overall Review

With delicious recipes like coriander-crusted tuna Niçoise and Thai turkey lettuce cups, it's no wonder Sun Basket is quickly becoming a favorite choice among the growing list of meal delivery services. Even with gourmet menu options and organic ingredients, Sun Basket still manages to offer their service at a very reasonable $11.49 per serving. Signing up for Sun Basket service is easy and just takes a few minutes. Peruse their weekly recipes and filter your options to accommodate dietary needs like Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Family options. Just select whether you're cooking for 2 or 4 people, then choose a menu option that fits your needs.

You'll get to select 3 mouth-watering recipes each week. They also offer family-friendly meals that include recipes kids will actually eat, and these plans are an affordable $9.99 per serving. Right now, Sun Basket is offering $27 off and free shipping with your first delivery plus $20 off your next delivery, so you can save big on your first order! Don't be afraid to try something new! Sun Basket offers a 100% Mouthwatering Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your meal, just contact customer service within 7 days of delivery and they'll replace it for free or refund you the cost of that meal.

Sun Basket Unboxing

Here is how our first Sun Basket shipment arrived:

Not only was it obvious that they took extra care with the packaging to ensure all of the food arrived safe and fresh, all of the packaging was recyclable as well.

Right on top we found the welcome booklet and the recipe guide. The recipe guide contained not only instructions for the particular meals we had ordered, but also all of the other meals offered in this week's menu as well, giving us a sneak peek at what other types of meals were available. Everything looked delicious, but we picked the Paleo meal plan options since we are trying to eat healthier these days. Sun Basket also offers Lean & Clean, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options.

The ingredients for each of our meals came in a labeled recyclable bag, except for the meats (not pictured) which were packed separately with reusable ice packs. This made it easy for us to just grab a baggie out of the fridge and start cooking. We decided to make the Korean beef skewers with sesame-cabbage slaw first since it sounded delicious.

All of the ingredients arrived fresh and intact – even the peaches weren't bruised, which was pretty impressive. The instructions for cooking the meal were easy to follow, and didn't require anything beyond the usual kitchen tools like a knife & cutting board and a cheese grater. The sesame-cabbage slaw came together quite easily, and the only thing we wished was that there was a little more of the Asian slaw dressing that came with it. It was really tasty but there wasn't really enough of it for our taste. We also happened to have some fresh carrots and cucumbers from our garden, so we added those to our salad as well.

We didn't take any pictures while putting together the beef skewers because our hands were covered in meat, but the end result of the meal was delicious! The skewers had a really authentic flavor that wasn't hard to achieve at all, and the slaw was refreshing.

The meal was very filling, and the portions were perfect for two people. If you like to take leftovers for lunch, though, you may want to order the 4 person kit instead of the 2 person kit so that you have enough left over to bring with you.

Our other two paleo meals were also delicious and satisfying – we ate them too fast for pictures!

The Bottom Line

Overall, Sun Basket is a great way to try new recipes that you might not otherwise be brave enough to try at home, while keeping your health and the planet in mind. For the price, it's a good value especially if you are trying to follow a special diet like Paleo, Keto, Vegan, or Vegetarian. Their produce is fresh and the flavors are complex and fun. It's easy to change your order as well – we contacted Sun Basket customer service and were in touch with a representative who happily changed our order for us within minutes.

The bottom line is, if you like eating healthy food and cooking but don't like shopping, Sun Basket is for you. Why not try it today?

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Why Customers Choose Sun Basket

Ordering from Sun Basket comes with the peace of mind that you're getting seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients. While $11.49 per serving is slightly higher than other services, we definitely think it's worth a couple of extra bucks to know that your food is fresh and free of pesticides, chemicals, hormones and other questionable additives.

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