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Marley Spoon has partnered with cooking icon Martha Stewart to bring you delicious, easy-to-follow recipes and seasonal ingredients that are delivered fresh to your door. Every one of their meals has been real-world tested before it arrives at your house, so you can be sure you're cooking up pleasing favorites every time.

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All About Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart has introduced fans to countless products through her shows, magazine, and partnerships with big brands. Did you know that she even has her own Martha Stewart wine club?

Now, she wants to teach you how to cook in collaboration with Marley Spoon.

With pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step recipe guides, you can't go wrong with Marley Spoon meals. They do all of the shopping and planning for you, so you just have to pick out which mouth-watering meals you'd like to serve each week. Their no-pressure approach allows you to select the number of meals you'd like to receive and even what day of the week the ingredients will arrive. Every delivery comes in a specially insulated box, so your food will stay fresh all day. Going to be out of town? It's easy to skip a week or modify your preferences so you always get what you want, when you want it.

Marley Spoon is all about choice! When you're ready to get started, just indicate if you would prefer a Two-Person Box or a Family Box that serves two adults and two children. Then select the number of meals you'd like to receive each week -- 2, 3 or 4. Vegetarians can check a box to indicate their dietary preference and, after a few quick registration steps, you're ready to get started! Prices are reasonable and range from $8.70 - $12 per serving, depending on the number of meals you order and how many people you're feeding. You can view weekly recipes up to four weeks in advance, so you always have plenty of time to plan your menus.

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Why Customers Choose Marley Spoon

We love that Marley Spoon features fresh, seasonal ingredients, so your menu choices change depending on what is ready to harvest! Plus, ordering meal delivery from Marley Spoon helps you save time, money and cut down on food waste since everything is already measured out to exactly what you need. You don't have to agonize over what to cook every night or make last minute stops at the store on your way home from work, and no more grocery shopping for ingredients you'll only use once and throw away.