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Less Fuss, More Flavor

Dinnerly offers busy people on a budget the simple option of cooking a quick dinner that doesn't break the bank. At under $7/serving including shipping, Dinnerly only uses quality ingredients and recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Customers can view digital recipes online or download to their smart phones.

Even better, Dinnerly offers customers the flexibility to skip weeks or pause their subscriptions. You'll only pay for what receive, as it should be. Plus, you can plan your meals up to two months in advance!

All About Dinnerly

Dinnerly is a straight forward meal delivery service that delivers wholesome ingredients so you can make dinners with no fuss. Each serving is just $5.00, and the hardest decision you have to make is how many portions you'd like. They offer two options: the Two-Person Box and the Family Box. The Two-Person Box includes two portions of three different recipes. The Family Box is a little bigger and includes four portions of three different recipes. Shipping is a flat rate of $8.99

All ingredients come in an insulated, recyclable box and is delivered right to your door. Need to take a week off? Not a problem. Dinnerly offers flexible subscriptions so you can choose when and how often you receive deliveries. You can set your schedule up to two months in advance.

Why Customers Choose Dinnerly

Customers definitely like the simple, budget-friendly aspect of Dinnerly. Their no-nonsense approach to dinner is perfect for individuals or families who don't have the time for elaborate preparation, but still want to eat healthy, home cooked meals. One drawback is that you still have to have some basic ingredients already available. Don't worry! They let you know beforehand what staples you need.

Dinnerly is a great choice for people who just want a quick home cooked meal and don't have the time to shop for ingredients. You're going to save money compared to a lot of the other meal delivery services, but the recipes still have plenty of variety and the portions are large enough to satisfy most appetites.

If you want an affordable dinner that doesn't take any planning, check out Dinnerly!