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Two Levels of Firmness in One Mattress

Layla Sleep knows that mattresses aren't one size fits all. That's why they've designed the Layla Mattress with two levels of firmness so you can simply flip the mattress to find your perfect night's sleep. We wish everything in life were that easy! You can choose from their standard 3" memory foam for a soft yet supportive feel, or unzip the cover, flip the mattress, and re-zip to experience a firmer, 1" memory foam sleep surface.

All About Layla Sleep

Get to know the Layla Mattress with a 4 month in-home trial before you decide whether or not it's the right mattress for you. They understand that it takes more than just a few minutes in a mattress store to really know if you've picked the right mattress for your body and sleeping position. Shipping is free for deliveries and returns, so you're not out a dime if you decide that it's not the most comfortable mattress on which you've ever slept.

The Layla Mattress has a unique copper-infused memory foam layer which they suggest could help to reduce aches and pains and even improve circulation while you sleep. Copper is frequently touted for its ability to help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation, even though there is little scientific evidence to support this claim. Copper is, however, known for it's ability to quickly transfer heat, so another benefit of using copper in the memory foam layers is that it can help keep you cool, even if you're a hot sleeper. That combined with the thermoGEL finish on the outer layer of the mattress can make a big difference for those of us who don't like waking up in pools of our own sweat.

For all of the advanced materials and manufacturing used to make the Layla Mattress, they've managed to keep the price very reasonable. A twin mattress is just $499, and you can upgrade all the way up to a California king for $999. If that stretches your mattress budget a little too much, Layla Sleep offers payment options to help you out. You can pay for your mattress in 12 monthly installments with interest rates that vary from 10-30%.

Why Customers Choose Layla Sleep

You get a super comfortable memory foam mattress that's made in the USA and infused with copper to help you sleep better. You even get a no-risk 120 day trial period to make sure you're totally satisfied with your purchase and a 10 year warranty against sagging and defects. But that's not all! Layla Sleep even goes one step further and donates money to homeless shelters for every mattress they sell, so not only are you sleeping better, someone less fortunate is, too.