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There's a KEETSA Eco-Friendly Mattress for every type of sleeper, so find yours today and find out what a good night's sleep really feels like. Unlike many other mattress companies that carry the same name brands, KEETSA designs and builds their own mattresses. They stand behind their workmanship with an unparalleled 12 year warranty for mattresses, and 5 year warranty for pillows, bed frames and comfort layers, so you know you're getting a quality product that will last

All About Keetsa

KEETSA is constantly looking for ways to improve their products while reducing their impact on the environment. From innovative delivery methods that reduce the size of their mattress for easier shipping to using all-natural and organic materials wherever possible in their products, KEETSA is on the cutting edge of environmentally sustainable practices.

Their entry-level mattress, The KEETSA Plus retails for $495 for a twin size and features independent coils for less motion transfer, a 1" BioFoam and 1" Memory Foam top, and 100% organic cotton cover. It's well suited for all types of sleepers with supportive and comfortable layering. The KEETSA Pillow Plus, starting at $600, is their mid-range mattress and adds two extra layers of foam to form a pillow top cushion. This creates a more plush feel that side and stomach sleepers will enjoy. Their top of the line model, The KEETSA Cloud, starts at $730 for a twin mattress. This model replaces the independent coils with a combination of high quality memory foam and supportive foams, which create an amazing body-conforming contour that cradles you in pressure-free sleep. There is virtually zero motion transfer to your sleep partner, and the memory foam gives this mattress a firm yet supportive feel that's great for back sleepers and reduces tossing and turning.

KEETSA also creates a line of "Tea Leaf" mattresses. These have EverGreen™ material, made from all-natural green tea leaves, embedded into the memory foam to keep the mattress fresh for a long time. They also feature a luxuriously quilted, hemp-blend fabric for an extra soft touch. Hemp blend fabric is smooth, soft and durable, and it helps to absorb humidity and allows better ventilation. The "Tea Leaf" mattresses come in 3 different styles that range from $1045 to $2,310 for twins.

Why Customers Choose Keetsa

While you can probably find cheaper mattresses on the market, you'll be hard pressed to find better quality at a more affordable price than KEETSA. We love their commitment to the environment and constant pursuit to improve their products. Plus, they offer free shipping to 48 states and most of Canada, so you won't be stuck with huge shipping charges on top of the price of your mattress.