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The Only Mattress Custom Made For You

We don't all wear the same size shoes, so why should we all be sleeping on the same mattresses? Helix solves the problem of creating the perfect mattress by going right to the source – you, and your sleeping habits and needs. Based on their in-depth (but not terribly long) Sleep Quiz, Helix will create a completely customized mattress just for you.

Unlike other mattresses that stick with just memory foam or just latex, the Helix mattress is made with a complimentary mix of three materials. Pocketed microcoils improve airflow and give a strong base of support to the mattress, while Helix Dynamic Foam lends comfort and contour. Finally, high-grade polyfoam comes in a variety of densities for perfect customization. For couples with different sleeping habits and needs, Helix offers a blended mattress, that blends both solutions evenly, or the Dual Comfort mattress, that has a different firmness on each side. Either way, everybody gets a great night's sleep.

You'd think that a totally personalized mattress would be pricey, the the Helix mattress actually starts at only $600. This price includes customization, and the mattresses ship for free, making for a totally affordable luxury mattress. Plus, they offer a 100 night sleep trial risk free, and if you're not happy with your custom mattress they'll refund you the entire price of the mattress. There's nothing to lose and a lot of great ZZZs to be gained – go take the Sleep Quiz and create your perfect mattress today!

All About Helix Mattress

Founded in 2015, Helix Sleep is newer to the mattress scene, but has gained a lot of attention with their fully customized offerings. The company is based in New York and has a showroom in New York City where customers can check out Helix mattresses and discuss their sleep preferences. The Helix vision is to create a great mattress that perfectly compliments each person's sleeping style, bringing more restful and restorative sleep to everyone.

Why Customers Choose Helix Mattress

Who doesn't love a personalized product? Helix customers love that Helix makes getting a fully-customized mattress so affordable. Couples also especially love the Helix mattress because it allows them to each customize their own side of the mattress, so there are no more arguments about temperature and firmness, and everyone can get a great night's sleep.

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