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Built for Supernatural Comfort

Using advanced temperature regulation and memory foam, Ghost Bed has created a mattress that gives you a cool night's sleep and works to relieve pressure points. It adapts to you and senses your individual needs; supernatural for sure! As soon as you touch the bed, you can feel the difference. Ghost Bed works hard to get to you know how you sleep best.

Ghost Bed offers a variety of mattress sizes ranging from Twin to California King and easy payment options. Once you place your order, your mattress ships within 24 hours!

All About GhostBed

Ghost Bed's design has your sleep comfort in mind. This mattress is thoughtful at every layer.

It begins with the cover that's durable and handcrafted with moisture wicking micron fabric; essential for cooling the body, naturally.

After the cover, Ghost Bed has created a responsive top layer that helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep; meaning it does all the work while you catch those zzzz's. This layer is continually adapting and getting to know your body better like your natural temperature, your height, your weight and how you best like to sleep.

The middle layer's only concern is your REM's. It contains cooling gel memory foam that helps relieve pressure throughout the body, essential to restorative sleep.

The bottom layer is created to absorb and distribute your body weight at the same time, which makes your sleep even more restful.

Why Customers Choose GhostBed

Sleepers like Ghost Bed for its responsiveness and strongly believe that the mattress' design has contributed to overall better and restful sleep. Happy customers report more energy in the morning and less tossing and turning during the night. Aches and pains that were present with other mattresses just seem to have melted away. Spooky! But just don't take our word for it, try Ghost Bed for free for 101 nights and see for yourself! If you're still not satisfied, return the mattress for a 100% refund.

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