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Find Your "Eight" Hours

Our sleep patterns are about as unique as our fingerprints. The Eight Smart Mattress is here to help you learn about yours. With intuitive controls and smart home technology, the Eight Smart Mattress can improve the quality of your sleep by providing you with feedback about your sleep cycles, showing you the optimal time for you to wake up and much more. We let technology help us with so many aspects of our lives while we're awake, Eight Smart Mattress lets us enjoy the benefits of technology while we sleep, too!

All About Eight Sleep

Every Eight Smart Mattress is built from the bottom up to deliver a great night's sleep. With four unique foam layers and proprietary top layer to help you track your sleep patterns, you get just the right mix of softness and support. The top technology layer can even warm up your side of the mattress to the perfect temperature when you hop into bed. The Eight Smart Mattress is compatible with every type of bed support including box springs, flat or slatted frames, and even adjustable bases.

Once you download their simple app to your smartphone, you can get daily statistics about the duration and quality of your sleep. You can also program white noise to play while you sleep to keep you from getting disturbed by noisy neighbors or a snoring partner. If you have the luxury of a flexible schedule, Eight Smart will set a "smart alarm" for you and wake you up when you're in the lightest stage of your sleep cycle -- it's too bad children don't come programmed like this!

All of this technology and comfort may seem out of reach for the average mattress shopper, but Eight Smart Mattress is priced competitively with other comparable mattresses. A full size mattress is just $950, and they are currently offering 15% off, so you can score your own Eight Smart Mattress for about $800! It's $100 more to upgrade to a queen, and another $100 to go all out with a king or California king. So go ahead, treat yourself to a mattress that wants you to sleep as much as you want to sleep.

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Why Customers Choose Eight Sleep

There's no risk in trying an Eight Smart Mattress. They back every purchase with a 100-night guarantee. If you try it for 100 nights and don't absolutely love it, you can get your money back AND they will come pick up your mattress for you! If something isn't working quite right with your new mattress or accompanying app, they also have a support center that you can text or email for help.

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