Dalton-Ruhlman Review

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Simplicity Meets Usability

For chef-quality kitchenware at affordable prices, be sure not to overlook Dalton-Ruhlman. They have a comparatively small selection of products, but they've focused on the essentials that every kitchen should have in stock. Need soup spoons that won't slide into your soup bowl? They've got you covered with a set of four for only $19.95. Want a pot scrubber that actually works? Try their bamboo pot scrubber for $9.95, and you'll never go back to sponges again. Tired of your stirring spoons not doing the job? Upgrade to their set of flat-edged acacia wood paddles for $29.95.

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All About Dalton-Ruhlman

A relative new-comer to the kitchenware scene, Dalton-Ruhlman was created in 2010 by two friends who saw a gap in the market for quality cooking tools. Instead of continuing to lament about the poor quality or unavailability of some of the utensils they used every day, cooking enthusiast Michael Ruhlman and manufacturer Mac Dalton teamed up to create utilitarian products that enhance the craft of cooking in the home.

Why Customers Choose Dalton-Ruhlman

We love Dalton-Ruhlman for the simplicity and usability of their products. You won't find any fancy bells and unnecessary whistles here, just practical, high-quality utensils that make cooking in your kitchen easier. These products make great gifts for home chefs, and they can also be a great way to treat yourself to some new wares without breaking your wallet. Shipping charges can be pricey though, so be sure to order all of your goods at once to keep shipping to a minimum, or look for discount codes to save you some dough.