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Every prize from Diamond Candles comes with a $10 ring plus a RingReveal code for jewelry that could be worth up to $5,000! Diamond Candles make wonderful gifts for friends or loved ones. Not only do they get a great smelling candle made out of premium soy wax, but they also get to open a surprise piece of jewelry. It's like two presents in one! Go ahead and make someone's day...twice!

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All About Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles are handmade in North Carolina and will fill your home with aromatic fragrances from the very first burn all the way to the bottom of the candle. Their eco-friendly, natural soy candles produce clean scents and will transport you to paradise.

Want to have the latest Diamond Candle scents in your home? Be sure to check out their seasonal collections that feature fragrances perfect for the time of year. Whether you're ringing in the holidays or enjoying the warm summer nights, you're sure to find a Diamond Candle that fits your mood. Otherwise, you can browse Diamond Candles' large selection of $24.99 ring candles in tempting scents like Pineapple Sage, Summer Rain and French Toast. For a real treat, try a Luxe Candle for $39.99 and immerse yourself in one of their exclusive fragrances like Cashmere Lilium or Golden Pommeraie.

Why Customers Choose Diamond Candles

The beautiful rings inside each candle turns a nice gift into a great gift, as even after the candle burns out the dazzling ring inside will last. The anticipation of each candle also makes every Diamond Candle fun as you eagerly wait to find out what ring you receive in each product. Diamond Candles even offers free shipping on orders over $75, so you can save when you stock up and buy one for you and one for a friend.