Jewelry Candle Reviews

What's more fun than buying fresh and fragrant candles for your home? Buying fresh and fragrant candles that have beautiful jewelry hidden inside! The premise is simple: buy a candle (or handmade bar of soap or luscious body scrub), and hidden somewhere inside the product is a surprise piece of jewelry. Most of the time you'll find sparkly costume jewelry that's worth $10-$20, but it's sort of like playing the candle lottery because you have a chance to find a prize that's worth thousands of dollars! We've reviewed some of the most popular candle prize companies to bring you a list of the top places to shop for these fun products - either for yourself or to surprise a friend!

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Shop the most trusted, highest value candles with jewelry hidden inside. Discover beautiful rings and gems valued up to $7,500 inside candles, aroma beads, all-natural soaps and more at More
Choose from more than 100 delightful scents at Jewelry Candles and reveal a surprise piece of jewelry inside every purchase that's worth between $10-$7,500. More
Every prize from Diamond Candles comes with a $10 ring plus a RingReveal code for jewelry that could be worth up to $5,000! More