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Comprehensive Reports & Monitoring

Take charge of your credit scores with myFICO and get comprehensive reports from all three major credit bureaus. Most lending agencies use your FICO® score when making decisions about loan applications. Don't wait until it's too late to find out unauthorized activity or dings on your credit that you didn't know about. When you sign up with myFICO, you get alerts when there are changes to your credit, plus they help protect you from identity theft and fraud.

All About myFICO

For the most secure credit and identity monitoring, we recommend the myFICO Ultimate 3B. You get instant access to your Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit scores that are most commonly used for home loans, auto loans and credit card approvals. Credit data is updated quarterly so you can keep track of where you stand. myFICO will also alert you right away when there are changes to your credit that affect your score.

On top of all that, the Ultimate 3B plan also provides identity theft protection and monitoring. They create a identity analysis report as a baseline, then continually monitor the web, postal service and your Social Security Number to make sure your personal information isn't being used to create fake identities or open unauthorized credit cards.

If someone does get a hold of your identity, myFICO will send a text or email alert to let you know what has happened, then work with you to help you resolve the issue and restore your identity. Even if you accidentally lose your wallet, they have certified restoration specialists available 24 hours a day to help you get everything sorted out. All of this protection and support costs $29.95/month, or sign up annually for $329 and save $30 per year.

Customers looking for information from just one credit bureau can opt for the myFICO Essential 1B plan for $19.95/month or $219 for a full year. This provides access to monthly FICO® scores and credit reports from Equifax. You still get identity theft restoration and lost wallet protection, but it's up to you to monitor your personal data and notify them if you see something suspicious.

Why Customers Choose myFICO

myFICO offers comprehensive credit reports and identity monitoring that can give you valuable data and save you from the headache of finding out your identity has been stolen. They have no-obligation plans, so you can cancel at anytime without penalty. They also offer several educational articles about credit card best practices and tips for improving your credit score. Overall they offer a solid product that can help you bolster your financial report card.

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