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Top 10 Emergency Food Supply 2019

Healthy, Long-Term Food Storage

If you want your emergency food supply to be both long-lasting and healthy, check out Valley Food Storage for custom food kits that use only the best ingredients and have a shelf life of 25 years. Unlike some of their competition, Valley Food Storage excludes artificial preservatives and chemicals from their freeze dried foods. You also won't find any hydrogenated oils or MSG in their food, and all of their ingredients are gathered from non-GMO sources. All you get are nutritious, great tasting food servings that will be ready whether you need them next week or in 20 years.

All About Valley Food Storage

Valley Forge Storage offers a wide variety of options for individuals or families looking to start their own emergency food storage. Prices are in line with other food supply companies, and with Valley Food Storage you even have the option of putting together your own custom food storage kits.

You pick the entrees you like best and the number of servings, and they package it up for you. They offer bulk discounts so you save more as you spend more, and you can even consult their food storage calculator as you build your kit so you can make sure you're including enough servings to cover your desired time frame.

The 1 Month Food Supply: Value Kit is currently on sale for just $129.99, and it provides you with enough food (100 servings) to feed one person for one month. You can also buy individual lunch or dinner entrees for around $11.49 per 5-serving bag

Prepare for the full on apocalypse with a 1 Year Food Supply package for $1109.99.Hard core do-it-yourself types may even want to look into the Harvest Right in-home freeze drier. It's a big upfront investment at $3200, but then you have the flexibility to create all of your own freeze dried food so you know exactly what you're storing away.

Why Customers Choose Valley Food Storage

Every order ships for free from Valley Food Storage, so you never pay extra costs or handling fees. We also love that they care about what goes into their freeze dried foods, so you can avoid artificial preservatives and other questionable ingredients. They offer gluten-free and dairy-free food options, so even people with dietary restrictions can find ways to store up in case of emergency.

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