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Quick & High-Quality

To get you started on your path to food storage and emergency preparedness, eFoodsDIRECT focuses on high-quality, affordable meals that are quick to prepare and don't sacrifice taste along the way. They see their food storage products as applying to daily life, not only for disaster situations. If you're a busy parent, a struggling college student, or anyone else who has less time and money than you'd like, it's worth checking out what's on the menu from eFoods.

All About eFoodsDIRECT

eFoodsDIRECT believes in serving its customers the best emergency food that's available, saving for unforeseen circumstances, and sharing the message of food independence with as many people as possible. They care about the quality of their products, and that's why all of their food products are Kosher Certified and sourced from growers who follow Good Agricultural Practices and are GAP Certified.

If you're looking to stock up for a disaster or emergency, be sure to check out their Food Supplies section. Here you can find bulk, freeze-dried meals to last you anywhere from 3 days to 1 year. They come in easy to store, stackable bins that won't take up a lot of space and will securely keep your food safe from the elements. The 1 month food supply is currently $249.95, so that works out to about $8/day. If you want a long-term cache, check out their 6 month food supply. While the upfront cost of $1,279.95 may seem like a lot, it comes to $213 per month for all of your food needs. Families will want to look at the Family Food Packs that include enough food to feed a family of four for anywhere from 1 month to 1 year and start at $869.95.

Individuals with dietary restrictions can check out the (somewhat limited) gluten- and soy-free menu options. If you find a particular entree or meal that you love, you can buy a bulk case of it and have plenty of servings to enjoy now and save for later. Health nuts should know that eFoods also carries the Activz line of nutritional supplements, protein shakes, probiotics and more for everyday use.

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Why Customers Choose eFoodsDIRECT

Customers will find a wide selection of healthy and hearty food to choose from including pastas, potatoes, freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and much more. eFoods goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to nutritional value, so you know you're getting your money's worth from each and every meal.

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