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Not many emergency foods companies date back as far as Augason Farms. Starting in 1972 with the creation of the whey-based milk alternative "Morning Moo's" the Augason family has led their company - and the industry - ever since. Their special variety of home grown, high-quality products is now available at nationwide retailers, club stores, and local grocers.

All About Augason Farms

Augason Farms differentiates themselves by focusing on flavor and dietary preferences. Their foods are carefully crafted to not only last long, but also to taste good when consumed. They've also introduced a line of gluten-free options and smaller serving sizes to better suit the needs of a diverse customer base.

You can get a 30 Day Food Storage bucket starting at just $115.89 and have enough food for one person for an entire month. If you're looking for some serious food storage, you can invest in a Premium One Year Kit for $1,505.59 and be prepared for even the most extreme scenarios. You can also order single entrees or get pantry packs for easy go-to meals any day of the week. Auguson Farms has over 60 gluten-free options, so even those with dietary sensitivities have a wide variety of meals to choose from.

In addition to all-in-one food storage packages, Auguson Farms also has a large selection of à la carte items so you can custom build your food storage to suit your individual needs and tastes. Choose from over 40 individually packed fruits and vegetables including dehydrated apple slices, diced carrots, red & green bell peppers and spinach flakes. You don't have to give up the luxury of baked goods, either! Augason Farms has premixed bakery kits so you can easily whip up family favorites like blueberry muffins, honey cornbread and even chocolate fudge brownies.

Why Customers Choose Augason Farms

Nobody likes food fatigue, and family-owned Auguson Farms makes sure that taste and flavor are never overlooked in any of their 200+ products. Customers choose Auguson Farms for the wide selection of foods, easy preparation, and quality ingredients.