Media Temple Review

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Domain Providers

First Class Service

While you may find cheaper domains elsewhere, you'll be hard pressed to find a better end-to-end experience anywhere but Media Temple. You can register a domain with just about anyone these days, but not all registrars are created equal. For first class service and premium customer support, look no further than Media Temple. They have been around for 18 years and know that the key to retaining customers (and attracting new ones) is to keep them happy and provide world class technology.

All About Media Temple

Registering a domain with Media Temple is a simple and straightforward procedure. Simply type in the domain name you'd like, they check to see if it's available, and boom! If it's available, it's yours for the taking. Most non-premium domains are available to register for $15/year. If someone already has your beloved domain registered, don't worry. Media Temple will suggest similar alternatives, or you can sometimes register the domain with a different extension (like .org or .net instead of .com).

Why Customers Choose Media Temple

Media Temple may charge a tad more for domain registration and hosting than some of their counterparts, but sometimes you get what you pay for. They have quality, U.S.-based customer service experts on hand 24/7 and available via phone, Twitter, live chat or support requests to answer your questions, day or night. They even provide their phone number right on their website -- no hoops to jump through or accounts to sign into! Customers who are serious about high quality service and reliable hardware and software appreciate the extra effort that Media Temple makes. Customers often praise Media Temple for their technology that works consistently to keep customer websites online and functioning seamlessly.

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