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Flippa is much more than just domain registration. Here you can buy or sell domains, websites, and even mobile apps in an online, global marketplace. Thousands of new business opportunities are listed on Flippa every day, so there's no telling what domain you might find here that hasn't been listed anywhere else. Whether you're looking to get a great deal on an established domain or sell your valuable domain to the highest bidder, Flippa can help bring buyers and sellers together for a win-win!

All About Flippa

Think of Flippa as the eBay of domain names. You can peruse the online listings to see what's available and be the first to find valuable and unique domains as soon as they are listed. Most domains have a set amount of time that they are on sale (typically four weeks or less), so be sure to put your bid in quickly if you want to be in the running to buy the domain.

Flippa makes it easy to sort and filter through their thousands of domain offerings, so you don't waste your time looking for a needle in a haystack. You can search by keyword, extension, length of domain name and more. You can even choose to exclude characters from your search if that's helpful.

To find their current hot properties, check out Flippa's Most Active listings. These domains have received the most bids, so you can be sure there's some value behind the name. Like eBay, some domains also have a Buy Now price that allows you to bypass the bidding process and lock down the domain for yourself. However, be prepared to pay top dollar if you go that route. Many "Buy Now" prices are much higher than the domain will actually sell for if you have the patience to wait out the bidding process.

If you're looking to sell a domain you currently own, Flippa has an innovative way of appraising the value through crowd sourcing. You can ask the collective knowledge of Flippa members to help you determine the value of your domain. Who better to ask than other entrepreneurs like yourself who deal in domain buying and selling everyday? Best of all, it's free! If you end up listing your domain on Flippa, they charge a $9 listing fee, and then 10% success fee when you sell your domain.

Why Customers Choose Flippa

You can trust your business to the #1 destination for buying and selling domains. Flippa boasts over 800,000 registered members, so when you post your domain for sale or browse their listings, you're in good company! While they don't have a customer service phone number, you can get a lot of your questions answered via their searchable support guide. You can also submit questions and requests through their online contact form if you have a specific question that hasn't already been asked and answered online.

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