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An Unprecedented View into Your Deep Ancestry

Use National Geographic's GENO 2.0 to unlock the mysteries of your ancestry. Your results will include your regional ancestry makeup, your deep ancestry report and your hominin ancestry. You'll also be matched with historical geniuses who share parts of your DNA. Be a part of the Genographic Project today!

All About National Geographic GENO 2.0

Becoming a part of the Genographic Project is simple. First, order the GENO 2.0 Helix kit that contains everything you need to get your DNA sequenced: registration instructions, pre-addressed, pre-paid return mailer and collection instrument. Next, provide your saliva sample and mail it back. In about 6-12 weeks, your DNA will be sequenced and your results will be available online. You'll be notified via email.

You results will have four parts. First, you'll receive a Regional Ancestry Makeup; a percentage breakdown of your regional origins going as far back as 200,000 years. You'll also get a Deep Ancestry Report that includes an anthropological story of your ancestors describing how they lived and how they migrated. Your Hominin Ancestry detailing when your ancestors first migrated out of Africa and where and when they met other hominin and procreated. Finally, you'll also receive Historical Genius Matches, a list of famous "geniuses" you may be related to.

Why Customers Choose National Geographic GENO 2.0

People buy National Geographic's GENO 2.0 to be part of something bigger. They enjoy the uniqueness they discover when they receive their results. They are able to see the migration path their ancestors took across Africa and learn more about what makes them one of a kind. They gain a deeper understanding of their roots and how their present life came to be.

The instructions are easy to follow and the saliva sample is small. While the wait time is longer than most, the results are definitely worth it. See where your ancestors migrated from and how you came to be. Order your kit today!

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