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Prepare to dive deep into your family history. With GPS Origins, they combine the latest genetic research with ancestral tracking so you know exactly where your origin story began. Trade in those "ethnicity" reports and broad generalizations of where you came from for more specific information, including possible towns or villages where you DNA originated. You will begin to understand how your ancestors met, what different cultures they came from, where they moved throughout time and how you came to be.

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All About GPS Origins Ancestry Test

First launched in 2016, GPS Origins provides the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to determining ancient family history. GPD Origins believes in the affordability of obtaining the information of your ancestry - everyone should be able to know their origin story.

GPS Origins analyzes 800,000 markers, 36 gene pools and 862 reference populations, making it the most sophisticated and accurate DNA test out there. Based on the analysis, GPS Origins is able to pinpoint an individual's lineage dating back 1,000 years or more and provide a geographical location (sometimes within a 20-mile radius) of where their story began.

When you order your kit, you'll receive an order form, instruction manual, four cheek swabs, and a DNA envelope bar coded for an easy return. After you provide a sample, simply drop it in the mail. Testing usually takes about 2-3 weeks and you'll be notified via email when your results are ready.

Your results will include your Human Origin story, Genetic Origins, migration map and resource links to help in further research.

HomeDNA also offers a Starter Ancestry Test as a fun and easy way to connect your past with your present. A simple cheek swab will give you an analysis of your DNA and how it relates to today's population. The starter kit includes instructions, cheek swabs, and a pre-paid envelope to return your samples. Your analysis will be ready in about three weeks.

Order GPS Origins and unlock your family history today!

Why Customers Choose GPS Origins Ancestry Test

Users appreciate the precision GPS Origins provides and the comprehensive story their results tell. The amount of information they received was large, but since their reports came with additional resources; they were able to investigate their origins more closely. They also work with results from other DNA test to give users a more comprehensive origin story.

If you're looking for a the beginning of your ancestry, or looking to round out another DNA test results, look for GPS Origins for their comprehensive and geographical insight into your origin story.