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Discover Your Past

Family Tree DNA helps with your genealogy by assisting in find family members and creating or continuing your lineage. Their comprehensive testing also includes the most comprehensive ancestry database worldwide. They also have a feature to connect you with your closest genetic matches.

Family Tree DNA is also part of the National Geographic Genographic Project. You may be eligible for additional insights on your results.

All About Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA is your best resource if you have a genealogy challenge you are trying to tackle. They offer several tests looking at different parts of your DNA.

Most of their test are good for genealogy, history and ancestry. Their most popular test, the Family Finder, usually costs $89, but is currently on sale for $69. With this test, you'll receive family finder matches and ethnic percentages.

Their next popular test is the Family Finder + mtFull Sequence. Regularly $288, it's currently priced at $218. Not only do you get the results of the Family Finder, you also receive a full mitochondrial sequence, results stemming from your maternal line.

You are also able to get results only from your mothers line with their mtDNA Plus and mtFull Sequence tests. When you purchase these tests, you'll be able to connect to matches, access group projects and experts on your lineage, receive updated results, view webinars with professional genetic genealogist and receive personalized customer support.

Why Customers Choose Family Tree DNA

People who have used Family Tree DNA comment on how comprehensive their results are. Because they are able to test both maternal and paternal lineage, you're able to get more information about a specific side of your family. Based on your results, you are able to connect with others who have similar genetics. They could be a long lost family member! Most of all, users have appreciated the ability to use results from other DNA testing sites and upload them to Family Tree DNA. They are able to gain more depth to their results and learn more about their ancestry. Look to Family Tree DNA for your all your genealogy needs!

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