DNA Testing Kit Reviews

What stories can your DNA tell you? We've rated and reviewed the top DNA testing sites online. Find out health markers, ancestral origins, and relatives who share the same history with you using results from these top-rated DNA testing kit companies. Explore what each test can tell you and which results make the most sense for you. DNA collection is simple, the turnaround for analysis is quick and the results are comprehensive. Where did your ancestors originate? What was their migration path? Learn all this and more from any one of the DNA test we reviewed. Compare the top 10 DNA tests and see what stories your DNA can tell! The reviews and rankings on this site are paid advertising.

Compare the top 10 DNA tests and see what stories your DNA can tell! The reviews and rankings on this site are paid advertising.

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Get more insight into you as a person. What does your ancestry say about you? With 23andMe, get a breakdown of your global ancestry, DNA family, and more!

  • Easy-to-Collect Saliva Sample
  • Choose between Ancestry or Health + Ancestry Reports
  • CLIA-Certified Lab
  • Opt into Research for Scientific Discoveries
  • Get Results in 6-8 Weeks
Do you want to know where your ancestry originated down to the city or town? With GPS Origins Ancestry, you'll receive the highest resolution DNA test available.

  • Developed by Leading Academic Scholars in England
  • 800,000 Autosomal Genetic Markers Tested
  • 862 Reference Populations and 36 Gene Pools Analyzed
  • Easy-to-Follow Directions
  • Cheek Swab DNA Collection
  • Results Back within 2-3 Weeks
Follow your paternal or maternal ancestry with Family Tree DNA test. No matter where you start, Family Tree DNA has the test you need. Choose among their Family Finder, Y-DNA or mtDNA test.

  • Most Comprehensive Ancestry Database in the World
  • Contact Your Closest Genetic Matches
  • Tackle Any Genetic Genealogy Challenge
  • Autosomal Transfers Available
  • Personal Customized Support
More than 830,000 people have taken part in National Geographic's Genographic Project - will you be the next one?

  • Three, In-Depth Reports on Your Ancestry
  • Unique Historical Genius Matches
  • Comprehensive At-Home Kit
  • Saliva Sample
  • Results in 6-12 Weeks
Bring your history to life with a Living DNA test. By providing twice the detail of other ancestry tests, find out where you come from and much, much more.

  • Reported DNA Mix Across 80 World Regions
  • Family, Mother and Fatherline Included
  • Family History Going Back 10 Generations
  • Ancestry Results Updated for Free
  • Personalised Book Available