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Diet Meal Delivery

Lose Weight, Not Joy

Veestro meal plans help customers lose weight safely and deliciously. With three plans to choose from, customers take their weight loss into their own hands. Every two weeks, Veestro delivers healthy, plant-based meals. It shouldn't be a chore to get healthy and lose weight. With Veestro, be happy and meet your weight-loss goals.

All About Veestro

Depending on your weight loss goals, Veestro has a meal plan that is right for you. The light-weight plan includes 18 meals and 6 juices to help you on your weight-journey. If you need more meals planned, opt for the more to please plan , where you have 5 breakfasts, lunches and dinner for two weeks. If you want all your meals planned for the week, then the all-pleasing plan is for you. You'll receive 42 meals every two weeks. Doesn't get any easier than that!

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For additional savings, you can also join their Veestro Rewards program.

Why Customers Choose Veestro

Satisfied customers choose Veestro because of their delicious plant-based recipes. Why should you consider a plant-based diet? People who eat a plant-based diet are more heart healthy and decrease their risk for Type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancers.

Plant-based diets are especially helpful for people trying to lose weight because plants help you feel fuller for fewer calories.

When we eat plant-based diets, we also help eliminate CO2 emissions which is great for the environment. When we eliminate one pound of meat from our diets, we save more water than by not taking a shower for six months!

Veestro is also extremely easy. You choose the individual meals, plans or juices that you want. They're delivered directly to your door and you heat up your meal or drink your juice. No prepping. No meal planning. No counting calories. They do all the hard work and you just enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal.

Let Veestro help you meet your weight-loss goals. Sign up today!

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