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Business & Marketing Solutions

For a 21st century solution to all of your business and marketing needs, check out Mimeo.com. They offer on demand printing that utilizes digital technology, so no more long lead times on materials you can't afford to wait 7-10 days for. With their nimble eContent distribution packages, you have the ability to upload documents in real time, allow collaborators to edit, then print or distribute material as needed. Now if only everything else in life was that easy!

All About Mimeo

Mimeo works with businesses of all sizes that want to lower their printing and distribution costs while maintaining high levels of quality. As a global company, Mimeo has a worldwide printing and distribution network that can guarantee overnight delivery to just about anywhere on the planet. Customers simply upload their business or marketing materials, use Mimeo's intuitive tools to create the type of presentation, binder or booklet they want, then decide how and when they want it distributed.

Why Customers Choose Mimeo

Mimeo stands out among other online printing companies because of their innovative solutions to business and marketing printing needs. They also recently launched a referral program, so loyal customers get rewarded when they let their friends and colleagues know about Mimeo.

You don't have to just take our word for it though. They were awarded "Best in Show" among online printing companies for four consecutive years by the Printing Industries of America for their use of emerging technologies and outstanding online customer experience.