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Take Control of Your Credit

Lexington Law Firm has over a decade of experience and can help you work to improve your credit reports. They have helped hundreds of thousands of clients with bankruptcies, charge-offs, collections, tax liens and other events like divorce, medical bills that have left an unfair and inaccurate negative mark on their credit reports. They will evaluate your credit reports and customize a plan that is unique to your situation. They will also communicate to creditors and all three credit bureaus on your behalf.


  • Offers a free one-on-one credit consultation
  • Three levels of service depending on client needs
  • Helpful free resources to help with credit management
  • Attorneys and paralegals assigned to each case for individualized analysis
  • Helps investigate and fight illegitimate credit damages


  • Only erases unfair and illegitimate claims, so don't expect past poor credit habits to be erased
  • To help keep costs down, no Pay-Per-Action services are offered at this time

Complete Review of Lexington Law

Clients are happy with the quality of service they receive from Lexington Law. With higher credit scores, you could open new lines of credit with lower rates and get back to achieving their financial goals. Lexington Law has been a leading provider in credit repair since 1991. With that experience behind them, they are well equipped to deal with any type of negative credit report item - they have seen it all. Set up your free credit report consultation and see how Lexington Law can help you.

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Getting started with Lexington Law is simple. First, they help you get all three reports from the top credit reporting agencies. For each negative item on your credit report, they will work with you to gain any additional information they will need in order to be able to challenge the unfair inaccurate, or unverified negative items on your report or have them removed from your report.

Lexington Law Month-to-Month

Lexington Law is a service that works as long as you need it to. You can cancel any time, and there is no contract that you need to sign. You sign up for the service and are charged monthly. It’s important to know that on your last month of service, you will be charged after services are finished — they charge you for services that were rendered.

Most users commit to Lexington Law for an average of 6 months, which is a great testament to Lexington’s quickness and ability to repair your credit in a reasonable amount of time.

How Lexington Law Helps Repair Credit

There is no guarantee that your credit score will drastically improve, and since they are a legal firm, guaranteeing a credit fix isn’t a feasible or truthful promise. They use integrity when improving your score, such as legal counsel and taking hard looks at unreasonable dents to your credit.

Lexington does not dispute claims against credit reports that were accurately reported. For instance, if a client was actually weeks late for a payment, Lexington cannot dispute this. They will, however, offer financial resources on how to avoid this scenario in the future like debt consolidation or other tools.

Lexington Law Customer Service

Each client will be assigned a team of law professionals that will dissect your credit report and see what actions you can take to improve your score. While they are available via phone and email most hours of the day, you can always use the 24/7 resources on the Lexington Law website. Lexington also offers chat support and you can access your credit report and progress at all hours.

Lexington Law Cost

Lexington Law approaches each credit case with an individualized investigation into credit health, counseling, and potential disputes. Each client has the ability to get a free one-on-one consultation about their credit report before getting started with Lexington Law. Depending on your score and the factors affecting it, the professionals at Lexington Law will recommend one of three services.

At $89.95/month, The Concord Standard connects each client to a team of attorneys and paralegals that will communicate with your creditors as well as credit bureaus are presenting your credit report in a fair and accurate manner. This also ensures that your report is protected.

The next level of service, Concord Premier, sits at $109.95/month. This includes four more features of credit protection and progression than the Concord Standard. You’ll be given legal tools to help confront unfair damages to your credit score, daily credit monitoring from TransUnion, as well as credit coaching and a score analysis to help keep your credit decisions strong going forward.

For only $20 more a month than the Concord Premier, the third level of service offered by Lexington Law is Premier Plus. You’ll receive the services included in the previous two levels of service along with four more features. These include the convenience of Lexington Law implementing their legal strategies to combat abusive collectors, helps prevent identity fraud, provides a personal finance manager, and serves as a FICO Score Tracker.

As part of your free consultation, you’ll receive a rundown of each of these features and how they can help or affect your credit health. In some cases, you won’t need to utilize certain services, so it’s important to see which level of service is right for you before spending unnecessary dollars.

Compare Lexington Law to Top Credit Repair Competitors

Lexington Law is one of the only companies with electronic connections with all three credit bureaus. Although they can’t guarantee this will result in a faster response from the bureaus, they ensure that the challenge gets into their hands. Lexington Law will provide a free credit repair consultation which includes a credit report summary and score with analysis.

Lexington Law vs. Credit Saint:

Credit Saint offers a monthly payment that is considerably less than Lexington Law, however, they do charge a first-time fee only 6 days after sign-up. Credit Saint guarantees a deletion within the first 90 days, or else they will refund their clients. While both services offer dispute services and counsel on how to improve your score, Lexington Law offers more free resources on how to delve into and improve your credit, even outside entering terms of service.

Lexington Law vs. The Credit People:

Lexington Law offers three levels of service based on each client’s needs, The Credit People offers one baseline price that is the same for everyone. This can be beneficial for some but detrimental for others who might need more of an in-depth look at their credit repairs.

Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue:

Sky Blue stands by their user-friendly interface, making credit repair as simple as possible with at-your-fingertips interaction. Sky Blue offers one price option versus Lexington Law’s three levels, however they offer less resources and legal consultation than Lexington. Whereas Lexington Law pairs you with a team of credit professionals to take on your case, Sky Blue takes on everything in the digital sense instead, so you’ll find updates via the Sky Blue app, email, or text. They’ll still do the legwork of disputing claims, but you can expect less consultation with your case team.

Lexington Law Buyer’s Guide

With their past experience in helping clients work to repair their credit, their team will develop an individualized suite of strategies that will work for you. They will contact creditors on your behalf in order to lessen or remove unfair, inaccurate, or unverified negative items on your report.

Though all legal cases will vary and Lexington does not guarantee any result, their past clients have seen 10.2 negative items removed in the first four months! Each month, you will also receive strategies aimed to help you work to improve your credit score.

If you have any questions or additional information that may change your status, their team is available by phone, email or website chat for support. You will be able to track your case 24/7 and see real-time changes and information via the website or mobile app. Regain control of your credit – call (888) 654-4021 to get started with them today.

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