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The Real Advantage

For bank-approved business checks that'll suit your business budget, consider ordering through CheckAdvantage, where the checks are compatible with Quickbooks, Quicken, Microsoft Money, and many other formats. They also have deep discounts on personal checks, and they make reordering checks a cinch. Add on the coupons they offer to give customers even lower prices, and we can't think of a better choice for an online check store.

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All About CheckAdvantage

If you just want the bare bones, classic blue checkbook, you can't beat the CheckAdvantage price of $7.50 per box. It's no frills, no extra charges, and they even offer free shipping if you're not in a rush. However, most of us like to spice up our check writing life just a little bit, and CheckAdvantage has you covered there, as well. From Americana to animal lovers to nature scenes, there is no shortage of designs to choose from. They also offer a wide variety of checks and payment accessories for businesses, as well.

Why Customers Choose CheckAdvantage

All of the personal check designs found on are original artwork and photography. That means you'll never have that awkward moment of seeing the guy ahead of you at the bank break out the same "I Love Lucy" check design that you thought no one else had. Whew!

Besides that, customers choose CheckAdvantage because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will even give you a free re-print if you make a mistake and your checks don't work at the bank. Now that's going above and beyond!