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Great New Customer Pricing

Bradford Exchange is a great check provider if you are a sports fan. You can choose from 30 MLB teams, 13 NHL teams, NASCAR themes, football designs, and over 40 college teams for your custom order of checks! If supporting your favorite team isn't your cup of tea, don't worry, Bradford Exchange offers over 600 exclusive designs for personal checks. To make it even easier, they have great discounts available for both new and returning customers.

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All About Bradford Exchange Checks

Bradford Exchange Checks combines exclusive designer personal checks with masterpieces by today's top artists from The Bradford Exchange, a recognized world authority in fine collectible art. They offer hundreds of designs you won't get from your bank, and at only a fraction of the cost. They also offer address labels, note cards, custom stamps and stickers, and other coordinated accessories for your personal checks.

Why Customers Choose Bradford Exchange Checks

Customers choose Bradford Exchange Checks because they gracefully combine the artistry of top designers with state-of-the-art check security and top quality printing. This combination results in two things: excellent checking products and very happy customers!

They also offer free shipping on any check order (although they repeatedly try to steer you towards the tracked shipping method for better security). Even with free shipping, there is a small "service and handling" fee tacked on to your order. Overall, their prices are still very reasonable.