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Easy, Quick, Affordable Small Business Accounting

If you are looking for online accounting software that's easy to use, consider Kashoo. Their user-friendly interface allows you to spend less time on accounting and more time doing what you love, like growing your business. Each plan comes with standard Kashoo features that are available via mobile apps. And all your information is displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard, so you'll know in real-time the state of your finances. Kashoo is compatible with banks feeds and as always, Kashoo works hard to protect your data. Kashoo is currently offering a free 14-day trial. Visit them to start your trial today!

All About Kashoo

With Kashoo, you will get unlimited users and invoices as well as an easy tracking system for both invoices and expenses. You can create and send out custom invoices and create and share financial reports. Better yet, you'll get real-time information about your finances and cash flow. All of this can be managed on the go using Kashoo's mobile app. They also have a Paychex affiliate program that makes payroll easier and you'll save on subscription fees.

Choose between a monthly plan for $19.95 or you can save 15% off that price by signing up and paying for their annual plan.

Kashoo prides itself on being always accessible and having great customer support.

Why Customers Choose Kashoo

Customers love Kashoo, not only for the features the plan provides, but the unmatched customer support they received when they have questions. Kashoo's team was available via telephone, email and web at all times. Kashoo allows owners to interact with their business like never before and receive up-to-date information on their financials, allowing them to make quick and well-informed decisions. Their interface is simply designed and presented in a no-nonsense dashboard, so you only see the information that you need to see, when you want it.

Want to see how Kashoo can help your business run more efficiently? Sign up for their free 14-Day trial!

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